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About the Author

Mariam Cheshire, at the age of 87, has published her first novel. She began writing when she was six.  Her first rejection came from Liberty magazine in the 1930s. In the third grade. Mariam clearly stated her ambition. “I am going to travel and write.” Her stories were scribbled on paper from the wastebasket until she was allowed to use the typewriter. A paper box was filled with rejections, but successes with small magazines kept the typewriter working late on many nights.

Writing was never forgotten but other callings beckoned. Marriage at 17

produced a son, two grandchildren and four great grandchildren, ages six

to twenty five. She lives in downtown Phoenix close to her family.

Vocations just happened.  She fibbed to get a job with TWA as teletype operator. She bounced Piper Cubs on both Indiana and Florida airports, finally earning a Private Pilot ticket. With second marriage to an Airport Operator for Crop Dusting, she had the ‘pleasure’ of flagging the strips in Texas cotton fields. A bookkeeping job in a Phoenix travel agency led to hand writing airline tickets (in the days before Sabre).

Travel became a Way of Life.  Airline work allowed her to fly standby

to countries around the world. With a backpack carrying only the

necessities she landed in the city of her choice and found a hostel or

B&B with the bathroom down the hall.

Eventually age interfered. The time had come to return to the typewriter

now metamorphosed into a computer.

Mariam loves her computer, loves the words that tell stories and found a new love with rocks. Her days now include sitting on the balcony in the morning turning pretty rocks, or some call them gemstones, into special necklaces.

And, as it has been for all of her life, the evenings are at the keyboard. She found Blogging and writes about Adventures in Life.  The next book – MYRT-TY-KY-LY, the autobiography of a fierce Dragoness – is clamoring to find daylight.  She hopes, that at 87, she can continue this fun until she reaches 100. Then maybe she will need to slow down.

It has been a wonderful life – writing - seeking family history in genealogy libraries - flying solo into the blue yonder - flying in airlines to faraway places - photography and printing in my darkroom - painting oil landscapes with Mom - playing with rocks - and always beautiful love.

                     The Guardian Angel of my life brought me three special men.                                          This website is dedicated to Duane, Bill and the wonderful love

                      of my older years,    to Ed.      I miss you so much sweetheart. 


​​​​​​​​​​You are invited to take a walk with me on this kaleidoscopic tour of Life and living.  

I'll let you know when more has been added.  It won't be  often.  Although lots more could be told, I'll slow down soon and let Myrt-Ty-Ky-Ly tell her story.  

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